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Wassup everybody and thanks for visiting!

I go by the name JFilt (Justified From Instilled Life Teachings) and I make beats as well as teach other beatmakers. I'm originally from Ohio but based in Atlanta where I do music full time. I'm a keyboardist, hiphop producer, sound designer, author, and youtuber. I upload videos on my channel at least twice a week and you can find constant uploads on all my social media as well including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, ect. Even though I would do music for free, your contribution definitely helps sustain me so every penny is much appreciated.

I'm sending Peace & Positive Energy!!

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Atlanta, Georgia
Nusong Productions is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist JFilt (Justified From Instilled Life Teachings) who is mainly known for his Verysickbeats youtube channel. His style was raised in the "Golden Era" of Hiphop fused with soul, funk, gospel, and jazz fusion. Quickly gaining attention for his innovative videos on teaching fellow producers, watch out for much more to come!

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